Frequently Asked Questions

We thought you might have a question or two, so here are some we’ve heard a few times that might be helpful to you. If it’s not covered here, please use the CONTACT form link above and we’ll answer your question as soon as possible.

Why should we hire you rather than XYZ Photo Booth company?
Because we’re the best. (Who wouldn’t say that right?) Well we have done our research and our booth is top quality.  We have mentors through out the country that have given us insight on what it takes to be successful.  We love events so this is a labor of love and it will show through our interaction with you and your guests.

Is Props! Photo Booths one of those “FRANCHISE” Photo Booth operations?
No. This means we get to do what we want and if there is something you  want we can work with you to make it happen! (However for those interested in a franchise…contact us.  We worked really hard on our branding and would love to see Props! all over the country!)

How much space do you need for the Photo Booth?
Please provide a 120 volt electrical outlet within 10 feet of where the photo booth is to be set up. We will need a 4ft deep by 8ft wide area along with a level surface where the booth is to be set up. We also require one six to eight foot skirted table the event location.

Is the Photo Booth going to interfere with the wedding photography?
No.  We take NO PHOTOS with the camera in the Photo Booth other than in the mounted position within the Photo Booth.  Nobody carries a camera of any kind at an event other than to photograph the Photo Booth once it’s setup for our records, and our blog, and things like that.    

How long does it take you to setup the Photo Booth?
It takes about an hour to set up the booth. This is not included in your contracted time and there is no charge.

How many pictures do we get?
There’s no limit!  As many as we can get in and out of the booth in your contracted time!    

Can you put our names, picture, or corporate logo on your booth at our event?
Yes!  Personalizing the skin of the booth just for you is an option.  We have to design the skin, have it printed, apply it for your event and remove it afterward.  We charge accordingly for this service.

How many people can fit in one of your Photo Booths?
Up to 10, but you’re welcome to try for more!

Is there a contract and how much is the deposit to hold my date?
Yes, we do provide you with a contract guaranteeing you service on the date of your event. We require a 25% non-refundable deposit to hold your date. The final balance is due 30 days prior to your event.  Payments can be made 24/7 on our website.

My party has been cancelled or moved, now what?
If your party has been cancelled or moved at least 30 days before your contracted date, we will apply the deposit to the event’s new date & time. All events that are cancelled less than 30 days prior to the contacted date will not be refunded.

Do you have a travel charge?
If your wedding reception or event is within 50 miles of zip code 32257, we do not charge a travel fee. However, if your event is more than an hour away, we will add a maximum $150 travel fee. Please contact us to learn more.

What method of payments do you accept?
We accept cash, checks, Pay-Pal and most major credit cards. All check’s shall be made out to New Legacy Services, LLC.

How much in advance should I book your photo booth?
We generally suggest booking 4 to 6  months in advance. Booking as early as possible is always encouraged to assure we have a booth available for your event. However if we are free, we will not turn you down.

Can we add time to our contract the evening of our event?

Yes, you are more than welcome to add time to your contract the evening of your event at a rate of $150 per hour. Just speak with one of our attendants and let them know how you would like to pay for the added time. Payment must be made that evening.

How many hours can I rent the photo booth?
Props! Photo Booths offers many packages to fit your event. Generally three (3) to four (4) hours works for most. But our minimum package is two hours.

How good is the quality of your printed photos?
Our printed photos are high quality and are printed from a commercial printer. They will not smudge and will last a lifetime!